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These are pretty straight-forward work resumes, for those looking to employing my services.  I’ve left out the personal parts of the story, like involvement in fencing, and (honest) being bitten by a lion (well, resume-true).

Save the Bridge

test period

First 1/2

Second 1/2

New York D.O.T. decided there wasn't enough traffic over a local bridge to justify maintenance. Their traffic volume didn't seem right, so I put a trail camera on the bridge to watch the traffic. There were three downloads of pictures, a test sameple, and then a sample of a little more than a week, done in two parts. These links display the raw pictures. These links will open the first page - there are multiple pages in each set.

Tertius Products and Services:

Tertius is my DBA, and offers a number of products and services. It is still being thought out - under construction is a bit of an exaggeration.


Read this before you browse About Pictures

To All

Just Belize
Maya Ruins)

Just Guatemala
Maya Ruins)

Just Honduras
Maya Ruins)



My Silk Maps

My Silk Maps is a company which make maps to wear.  The name derives from the Escape and Evasion maps of WWII, but today is a map on a bandana.  These are all custom wearable maps for ski area, hiking trails, or any geographic orientation.



SoPilar is our project in Belize.  It offers camping and food for travelers to the El Pilar Reserve, and also for hikers and birders who may come by on their own.

This is the foundation site.  The history and the non commercial activities are in  here, along with the usual thousand pictures

This is the commercial site.  Here is the place to go to learn about using the facility, making reservations, and all the mundane details. But we are open for business for the 2011-2012 season, and very excited about it.



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